The Asia Mediation Centre (“AMC”) is a specialty consulting firm offering innovative and business-practical solutions in the area of conflict management to private, public and non-profit entities.

As East Malaysia’s first full-fledged dispute resolution and mediation consulting firm, AMC aims to provide world-class conflict management consulting services to clients in the region and beyond. Our professional mediators are trained and accredited in dispute resolution and negotiation. They are also skilled at navigating the pre-dispute relationship process which is a critical aspect often overlooked at the beginning of major or long-term projects. We conduct our services according to our Core Values which determine how we engage with our clients and what they can hold us accountable to.

Besides providing mediation services for disputes, at AMC, we help organizations develop bespoke in-house conflict management systems, infrastructure and processes particularly if they are vulnerable to high-conflict situations. We recognize that every situation involving people is different and deserves a tailored approach for maximum electiveness and efficiency.

For detailed information on our services, please click here. Alternatively, you may also speak with us; we are always happy to discuss your needs and how we can support them.

Why Mediate?

Conflict are a fact of life. But they do not need to stay a problem. The most commonly used method for conflict resolution tends to be litigation followed closely by arbitration and mediation. However, the first two methods tend to be very expensive, time-consuming and stressful for the parties. Above all, the outcome is not without the parties’ control.

Mediation is a pathway to conflict resolution that is gaining ground due to the fact that it is a relatively fast and cheaper process. The parties retain ultimate control on what the eventual settlement would look like.

Many countries including Singapore and Malaysia have laws on mediation which allow the eventual settlement agreement to be recorded as a judgement. The recent Convention on International Settlement Agreement Resulting from Mediation (also known as “the Singapore Convention ) now enables ratifying countries to recognize mediated settlement agreements in cross-border commercial settings.

Give the advantages of mediation, it is expected that more disputes will be settled through this pathway. If you think Mediation is right for you, we welcome you to find out more here.

Our Core Values

Our values, illustrated in our logo, form the foundation of our identity as a centre and service provider. They provide the “why” behind what we do, and reminds us that the facilitation and creation of a sustainable peace is hard and noble work worthy of our best. They also help our clients and collaborators better understand who we are.


People are at the core of why we do what we do. Relationships, transactions and the service industry will always be vulnerable to situations of conflict and the personal and commercial cost of these conflicts can be astronomically high. The focus on ensuring parties emerge from these situations with as little emotional or financial scarring as possible in order to facilitate a sustainable peace is central to all our e!orts at AMC.


We initiate, develop or participate in programs that contribute to knowledge-sharing within the dispute resolution community and beyond. We seek out opportunities to teach on specific legal topics and to initiate community action to improve access to justice through mediation.


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards set by regulatory and standards bodies both local and international. We continually develop and expand on our core competencies so that clients can be assured of the highest professional quality in the delivery of services


AMC offers services in four separate but modular verticals which may be combined or modified according to the clients’ needs.

Mediation Services

  • Provision of qualified mediator/s based on the requirements of the parties.
  • Mediation facilities and amenities.
  • Case management and facilitation services.

Mediation Consulting

  • Development of conflict management processes and infrastructure for public, private or non-profit entities.
  • Review and analysis of existing conflict management processes.
  • Pre-dispute relationship support and management.

Mediation Training and/or Accreditation

  • Specialized mediation training leading to accreditation as a Mediator.
  • Tailored mediation and conflict management training leading to AMC certification (available in English or Bahasa Malaysia).
  • Ongoing awareness or refresher training targeted at continuous learning and skills enhancement.

Conflict Management, Negotiation and Effective Communication

  • Executive modules leading to AMC certification.
  • Bespoke and ad hoc modules developed to address specific needs or clientele.
  • Ad hoc modules designed for industry-specific continuous development and learning programs.
All of our services may be provided online through our Mediation Online Portal (MOP) which allows consulting or mediation sessions to be conducted in a contactless manner.


The “how” behind what we do refers to our methodology and approach in conducting mediation sessions. Our accredited mediators are free to utilize their own brand or style of mediation but our center most commonly uses the “Seven Elements of Interest-Based Negotiation” developed by William Ury and Roger Fisher in the Harvard Negotiation Project.

Mediation sessions are conducted behind closed doors and in a confidential setting a"er parties have signed an agreement to mediate. Throughout the session, there will be opportunities for private sessions with the mediator before the parties rejoin the main discussion.

We do not encourage mediation sessions to go beyond one day and such events are rare. When the parties agree to a settlement, they will sign a settlement agreement and this can be submitted to the court for a consent judgment if the matter is already pending in trial.

We welcome the presence of counsel representing the parties but the mediator may prefer to hear from the parties directly during the mediation process.

Although most mediations at the Centre are conducted in English, parties are welcome to designate the use of a language they are most comfortable with during the session and an interpreter or a mediator fluent in that language can be provided.

All mediation sessions can be held at our centre but the parties may also designate another neutral location if preferred.

Our People

Our panel of mediators and Adjunct Faculty consist of accredited mediators and mediator trainers from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. We are able to provide mediation services in English, Malay, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia.

Our Principal Adjunct Faculty is Josephine Hadikusumo, a lawyer, speaker and an accredited mediator and mediator trainer under the Singapore Mediation Centre. She is the Managing Partner of CJ Liew & Co but o!ers her time to coordinate and teach modules for the centre as well as to mediate as part of her role as a lawyer in CJ Liew & Co.

Josephine sits on the board of directors for the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI)  an international standards and professionalization body for mediation globally. As a lawyer and a corporate counsel, she is actively engaged in global developments on dispute resolution trends and laws, through local and international platforms including the UNCITRAL.

The Mobile Mediation Project

We continuously strive to find ways to give back to our community and to improve access to justice through the use of mediation.

One of our newest initiatives is the Mobile Mediation Project. We are excited to partner with CJ Liew & Co and the courts to improve access to justice for rural or disadvantaged communities living in the interior zones of Sabah.

These communities often lack the means to resolve their disputes either due to the cost of doing so, a lack of awareness, or the barriers presented by poor infrastructure and connectivity. In order to overcome these factors, the Mobile Mediation Project seeks to bring the instruments and expertise for dispute resolution to the doorstep of these communities.

Our Mobile Mediation Unit, which is an arm of the Mobile Mediation Project, brings accredited mediators into designated areas for the purpose of facilitating resolution of these disputes. All sessions can be conducted in the local language as required and any settlement agreements arising from these sessions are recorded and stamped as consent judgments by the courts.
A specialty consulting firm offering innovative and business-practical solutions in the area of conflict management to private, public and non-profit entities.

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