Alliance Of Organisations For Mediation Standards

Core Values

 Our values, illustrated in our logo, form the foundation of our identity as a centre and service provider.

They provide the “why” behind what we do, and reminds us that the facilitation and creation of a sustainable peace is hard and noble work worthy of our best. They also help our clients and collaborators better understand who we are.
People Focused
Peace Driven
Professional Excellence

People are at the core of why we do what we do. Relationships, transactions and the service industry will always be vulnerable to situations of conflict and the personal and commercial cost of these conflicts can be astronomically high. The focus on ensuring parties emerge from these situations with as little emotional or financial scarring as possible in order to facilitate a sustainable peace is central to all our efforts at AMC.

We initiate, develop or participate in programs that contribute to knowledge-sharing within the dispute resolution community and beyond. We seek out opportunities to teach on specific legal topics and to initiate community action to improve access to justice through mediation.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards set by regulatory and standards bodies both local and international. We continually develop and expand on our core competencies so that clients can be assured of the highest professional quality in the delivery of services.

As East Malaysia’s first full-fledged dispute resolution and mediation consulting firm, AMC aims to provide world-class conflict management consulting services to clients in the region and beyond. Our professional mediators are trained and accredited in dispute resolution and negotiation.

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