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Our People

The team at AMC is fortunate to be able to work with key industry professionals and partners across multiple jurisdictions. They consist of experienced mediators, business leaders, professional standards bodies for dispute resolution and accreditation trainers and assessors recognized for their excellence in the field of mediation training.

Josephine Hadikusumo


AMC’s Principal trainer and mediator is  Josephine Hadikusumo, a lawyer, speaker, former regional corporate counsel and an accredited mediator and mediation trainer for both AMC and the Singapore Mediation Centre. She is a Certified Mediator under the Singapore International Mediation Institute (“SIMI”), and under the International Mediation Institute (“IMI”). She also serves as a Senior International Mediation Expert in Hong Kong and China’s International Dispute Resolution and Risk Management Institute (“IDRRMI”). 

Having spent many years capacity-building in Fiji, she was proud to witness the establishment of the Fiji Mediation Centre in 2016 and currently sits on its panel as an advisor. In addition to being on the panel of the Asian International Arbitration Centre (“AIAC”) of Malaysia and the Hainan International Arbitration Court (“HIAC”) in Hainan, China, Josephine is the Managing Partner of CJ Liew & Co and maintains an active practice with a focus on corporate, compliance, cross-border and conciliation work. 

Josephine sits on the board of directors for the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) , an international standards and professionalization body for mediation globally. She also sits on the Task Force on ADR and Arbitration for the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris (“ICC”) and also on the Arbitration and ADR Committee for ICC Malaysia. As a lawyer and a corporate counsel, she is actively engaged in global developments on dispute resolution trends and laws, through local and international platforms including the UNCITRAL.

You can find Josephine’s CV here.

Professor Lawrence Boo


Based in Singapore, Professor Lawrence Boo wears twin hats as both the director of the Asia Mediation Centre (Singapore Chambers) as of 2021, as well as the director of The Arbitration Chambers since its inception in 1996. He is widely recognised as “a practitioner who truly understands the region”, and is “regularly seen presiding over some of the biggest disputes in Asia.” (Chambers & Partners Asia Pacific)

Formerly the Deputy Chairman (2004–2009), first Chief Executive Officer and Registrar (1991–1996) of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), Lawrence is one of Singapore’s founding voices of arbitration. He now serves on the SIAC Court of Arbitration and the ICC Court of Arbitration.

With more than 25 years of experience as an arbitrator, Lawrence has sat more than 300 cases, presiding or acting as sole arbitrator in over 200 cases. He has taken on cases administered by institutions inlcuding the SIAC, ICC, LCIA, ICSID, HKIAC, CIETAC, AAA, AIAC, AMTAC, SCMA, BANI, BAC, VIAC, LMAA, PCA, SCMA, as well as ad hoc matters.

Lawrence is also no stranger to mediation, having mediated in no less than 100 disputes, with mediations reaching settlement at a success rate of 75%.

Lawrence is on the panels of leading international arbitration and mediation bodies such as the AAA, AIAC, CIETAC, CMAC, BAC, KCAB, HKIAC, SIM and SMC. He is Singapore’s nominee to ICSID’s Panel of Arbitrators, as well as the National Correspondent to UNCITRAL’s Case Law on UNCITRAL Text (CLOUT).

You can find Lawrence’ CV here. 

Our Team

The AMC secretariat comprises of vibrant, creative, multi-ethnic professionals in the field of information technology, communications, graphics, branding, legal and administrative support and case-management specialists. Collectively our team is able to communicate in seven different languages and regional dialects. 

In addition to case-management support, we are able to provide other ancillary services in line with our mission to create a bespoke experience for our clients. We are committed to ensuring that you have a good experience at AMC and we welcome your feedback on our service as part of our efforts at continuous improvement. 


Mediators on the AMC panel are carefully selected based on our internal criteria which include their performance at the accreditation assessments, their industry experience, their adaptability in accommodating atypical mediation settings and their language abilities. You may access their professional CVs according to the categories below.

Our Partners and Affiliates

At AMC, we are proud to partner with distinguished organizations across the globe promoting the use of mediation and arbitration in various commercial spaces. 

These include:

Find out more about our Alliance partners and the significance of AMC’s relationship with them here. 

As East Malaysia’s first full-fledged dispute resolution and mediation consulting firm, AMC aims to provide world-class conflict management consulting services to clients in the region and beyond. Our professional mediators are trained and accredited in dispute resolution and negotiation.

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