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AMC offers services in four separate but modular verticals which may be combined or modified according to the clients’ needs.

Mediation Services
  • Provision of qualified mediator/s based on the requirements of the parties.
  • Mediation facilities and amenities.
  • Case management and facilitation services.
  • Long-term conflict and relationship management services in compliance with external audit requirements, eg. Forest Stewardship Council, Workers’ Committee, Management-Union relationship facilitator, etc.
  • Ancillary services to accommodate parties with special needs.
Conflict Management Consulting
  • Development of conflict management processes and infrastructure for public, private or non-profit entities.
  • Review and analysis of existing conflict management processes.
  • Pre-dispute relationship support and management.
Mediation Training and/or Accreditation
  • Specialized mediation training leading to accreditation as a professional Mediator. Click here for more information on our Professional Mediation Accreditation Course (“PMA”). 
  • Tailored mediation and conflict management training leading to AMC certification (available in English or Bahasa Malaysia).
  • Ongoing awareness or refresher training targeted at continuous learning and skills enhancement.
Conflict Management, Negotiation and Effective Communication
  • Executive modules under the Human Resource Development Corporation (“HRDCorp”) of Malaysia, leading to AMC certification. (Please click here for more information on HRDCorp and AMC’s modules.)
  • Bespoke and ad hoc modules developed to address specific needs or clientele.
  • Ad hoc modules designed for industry-specific continuous development and learning programs.
As East Malaysia’s first full-fledged dispute resolution and mediation consulting firm, AMC aims to provide world-class conflict management consulting services to clients in the region and beyond. Our professional mediators are trained and accredited in dispute resolution and negotiation.

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